Our experience at Web Summit 2018

Web Summit 2018 has just wrapped up. One week in Lisbon full of good vibes, creativity, and apparently, a lot of coffee. According to some official numbers, around 363,846 coffees were drunk by 69,304 people from 159 countries around the globe. Now we are here to talk about our experience as a team of crazy developers and open source lovers.

As the first time attending any Web Summit event, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew what this event was came from the media, which only showed me that there were speaks on a main stage from really famous people all around the globe. (…)

Ricardo Subtil

Interesting pitches and talks

Eoin Sheahan, during an OTBAM broadcast on SportsTrade Stage

From healthcare to music, there was talks of all tastes across 24 stages. A lot of topics were treated and some of them are extremely important in the future of nowadays technology. Actually, the most difficult part was to choose which talks we simply couldn’t miss.

Explore start-ups and interact with exhibitors

Tim von Toerne, Kopernikus Automotive, with an attendee

(…) The very next day Web Summit started, I was proven wrong. There were 4 pavillions full of big booths from big companies and lots of small booths for the start-ups, as well as more stages focused on more concrete topics. I can say with total confidence this was the best part of Web Summit for me, because it was in these places that I felt the true spirit of this convention: the ability to explore and communicate with both big companies and new start-ups.

Ricardo Subtil

At some point we were openly talking to startups and discovering what new products they were bringing to the market. It was as simple as reading the description on the panels and, if interesting, talk to the people there.

Sounds like a conference but not quite…

Web Summit is not a conference, it’s an exhibition.

The general impression I got is Web Summit is not a conference, it’s an exhibition. It’s a showcase. A place for startups from all around the world to meet up, and show off their wares. It should be named ‘Startup Summit’, ‘Sales Summit’, ‘Gimme some investment Summit’, or even ‘Pep Talks for Startup Owners Summit’ (…)

Scotty Vernon at Medium

Open Source involvement

Opensoft partner booth at Web Summit 2018

As an open source developer with a special passion with free software I actually expected more involvement from start-ups with open software initiative. To be honest, I think the idea of “open” is still very strange for people who want to growth in a world of chubby doggies … People need to think out-of-the-box and trust on a community driven project.

Luís Ferreira

in a nutshell

Being able to talk freely with representatives of these companies, while I’m a student at college at the moment was, at first, shocking and akward to me. Only after I realized this is how it was supposed to be: every person there was on the same level and looking forward to meet new other people, regardless of their position on a company. And that, to me, was what made my time at Web Summit special.

Ricardo Subtil
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